Clogging Lessons for Beginners



                     Getting started is easy...

                                                    ...and fun!

          Let us introduce you to a style of dance that is a unique American tradition!
  • You do not need a partner or any previous dancing experience.  
  • You'll learn the eight basic clogging movements that form the foundation for most clogging steps. 
  • You'll learn several clogging line dances and get cue sheets and access to the beginning music or a CD. 
  • You will receive information about the history of clogging and workshop information for Austin,Texas, and the U.S.  
  • Come and visit us to see if this form of dance, which is also great aerobic exercise, is for you.

Beginner lessons are offered on Sunday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

The next set of lessons will begin Sunday, February 5, 2023 

If interested, please contact us using the Lesson Coordinator link below.  

Cost is $60 for a set of 8 lessons. 
We dance at Dance by Carly, 10203 Old Manchaca Road, Austin, TX  78748

 Please contact us at Lesson Coordinator below to be added to our list of prospective students. And if you are already a dancer or are motivated and just can't wait, please contact us (Lesson Coordinator) or just show up.

Following each course of beginning lessons, we continue teaching more new steps and easier club routines. New graduates are encouraged to become members of Clickety Cloggers and come on both Sundays and on Thursdays at 6:45 p.m for Club night dancing and activities.As a member, there are teaches of the popular club routines at the same time on Sundays, immediately following Exhibition Team practice.
Click here for a beginner lesson registration form which you can e-mail back or bring to the first class.
  For questions or to get additional information about our lessons…

                                  Email : Lesson Coordinator

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