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Sunday teaches
Almost every Sunday afternoon at 4:30, immediately after Exhibition Team practice, the Club is offering teaches of popular Club routines.  All members are welcome. Teaches are of routines you select and at your pace.  The emphasis is on learning routines well, so you feel comfortable dancing them.


 From our article in THE TEXAS CLOGGER, September 2015

          We are so glad to get an opportunity to again share our news in The Texas Clogger! Lots of  neat things have happened since last I wrote a news article to share.

          1.  For instance, Jon Durbin, our hard working webmaster, treasurer, and cobbler celebrated his 550th clogging performance.      

          2. We have had two visits from Karolina Hofmanova,  a clogger who lives in Trutnov, The Czech Republic.  Her group is called StarWest, and they do American/Appalachian style clogging!  Who knew?  AND, since we also have a clogger from France, Nicolas Turin, who has completed our beginning clogging lessons, we feel like we are really an International Club!   

          3.  More folks were introduced to the fun of clogging in our beginning clogging lessons.  

          4.  Many club members enjoyed  the 2014 Luckenbach workshop, and supporting our own Robin Arnold as she taught two of  her dances.  

          5.  And, of course, our Exhibition Team had their usual busy April clogging at spring festivals in Bastrop, Wimberley, Burnet, and at Austin's St. Patrick's  Day Celebration.   

As you may know, Clickety Cloggers is a clogging club, with the leadership shared by many! Our officers this year are: President: Vicki Brandon, Vice President, Robin Arnold, Secretary, Judy Varga, Treasurer/Webmaster/Cobbler and Scheduler, Jon Durbin, Club Coordinators, Virginia Pohlmeier and Esther Bull, and Exhibition Team Leader, Pat Waden. Virginia Helton assists Virginia P. and Robin in teaching the beginning clogging classes, and Nancy Benner heads up costuming the Exhibition Team.

From our article in the Summer 2011 The Texas Clogger

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLICKETY CLOGGERS—this is the club’s 35th year. We have no big party planned (as we did for the 30th) but we have been thinking back, looking at the old photo albums and newsletters and commenting on “the way we were”.   Here are  some interesting stats concerning some of our very longtime gigs.

DRIPPING SPRINGS: Founder’s Day “found” Clickety’s Exhibition Team dancing again for the 23rd year (since 1988!) at this Dripping Springs annual event.  
BASTROP: A week of rest (but not rehearsal…..) and the team was dancing at Yesterfest in the really neat Old Opera House. We have danced at this festival for 19 years!! –since 1990. I was amazed as I scrolled through Jon’s “list” and counted them up.  
SAN ANTONIO:    We have danced in Cloggers Showcase at the Arneson river Theater every year since the beginning of this event, and that makes 21 times.  The first year also included dancing at the newly opened Sea World. I still love showcase, but miss the food booths!!
From our June 3rd, 2011 Newsletter:
A fun time was had by all Friday night, June 3rd.    Lost Pines, an Austin bluegrass band, had a concert at Central Market.  In addition to listening to them play, we were invited to clog along with the musiic.  There was free-styling, as well as the dances Rocky Top, Die Some Day, and Sweet Honey.  Talia, (our clogging lessons graduate and the lead singer),  also put in a good plug for our lessons coming up in the fall. Check their website for information about their upcoming performances.
St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2011 

 We had a great party at club and several members wrote Limericks.  Here are a few:

1. From our Club Coordinator, Virginia Pohlmeier:           

    In Austin there’s a club named Clickety.
    Some are young, some are old and rickety.
    They dance ‘till they fall,
    And they don’t care at all
    If it’s good or bad—they’re not persnickety!
2.  From choreographer "par excellence", Roxie McCoy 
    Clogging is great for my mind
    Yet my body has really declined
    I toss in my bed
    Work out steps in my head
    And rise with my new dance refined!
3.  From our San Antonio member, Karen Tarmon
    There was a gal from San Antone
    Who got bored clogging alone
    She signed up for a class
    And had such a blast
    D'ette studio is now her new home.
    Clickety Cloggers has taught her so well
    When she dances, everything's swell
    Eight dances she learned
    Fancy doubles and turns,
    Where it will all end, none can tell.
     2010 - The Exhibition Team did an Independance Day performance at Horseshoe Bay.  Three of the numbers were by local musician John Arthur Martinez, who happened to be in the audience.  His comments. "Yvonna, Aubrie, our daughter, and baby Ari just witnessed the Clickety Cloggers from Austin, TX doing their tap magic to "The Armadillo Song," "A Girl Named Texas," and "Frijoles con Arroz." It sure made me smile to see them in their red, white, & blue outfits a the Independence Weekend festivities in Horseshoe Bay, Texas."
August 2010: Too hot to perform outside, but we had a great indoor club show at the West Oaks Rehab. Center on Slaughter Lane, arranged for us by club member Debra Johnson.  Eleven enthsiastic dancers performed for about 30 minutes, including one of our newest members, Joanne Latrelle, her first clogging performance ever!  After dancing everyone spent time greeting, and chatting with the residents and staff.
  • 2009 - The Exhibition Team Fall performances included a fair amount of traveling - Fredericksburg for Oktoberfest, Corpus Christi for a fundraiser at an Octoberfest event and the Dallas State Fair.  Also a lot of Christmas holiday season shows including the Zilker Hillside Theater at the relocated Trail of Lights and a new venue Wimberley Trail of Lights. Year year ended with a return to First Night Austin, the downtown New Year's Eve celebration.
  • December 2007 - We had a great time at our return to First Night Austin, the downtown New Year's Eve celebration. Once again, we performed to large, enthusiastic audiences at the City Hall stage. This was our 41st show for 2007!
  • September 2007 - Clickety Cloggers were on News 8 Austin's Fit for Friday program on September 21. It may have been a struggle to get up early enough to be bright and cheery by a little after 6 a.m. for the first segment, but being on the show was fun. Virginia and Pat did quick teaches so Amy Hadley could join in. The experience was way cool! Our mission is to demonstrate and promote clogging in the community and we sure did.
  • 2006 - The Clickety Cloggers celebrated 30 years of great dancing, fun and friendships. Through lessons and performances, we are helping to keep this traditional dance form alive and well in Austin.












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